About me

There`s a lot and little that I could say about me. Here are a few things that might tell something: I`m a daydreamer, a believer, a picture-taker, a lover of stories, a writer and reader, a fashion-lover, a freelancer, and a forever student.

Here`s a lot:

As a student, I started working as a writer and photographer for the daily newspaper in my hometown. Ever since, I`m happy about the chance to encounter people, places and events, I wouldn’t otherwise meet or see if it wasn’t for my job.  

Wolfgang Joop employed me as a pattern cutter at his luxury label Wunderkind in the beautiful lakeside mansion “Villa Rumpf”. That was one of the opportunities in life that are almost too good to be true.

Because I wanted to live in London, I took a pattern cutting job in the cheap high street sector of the fashion industry. Very fast-paced work in a shabby warehouse place yet filled with lovely people and a lot to learn.  

During the high-street experience I started to become rather disgusted by the exploitation habits in the fashion industry. I wanted to be more flexible and independent anyway, so I started working as a freelancer. As a journalist and in fashion. I studied journalism and went to the London College of Contemporary Arts to learn Fashion Photography.

Currently, I´m mainly photographing, I write and photograph for magazines and papers, and occasionally I work on patterns and designs. It`s not that I have dream jobs all the time and can choose from the best, however I always want to keep an open, positive, and curious mind, try to contribute for the better, learn something and grow. Other than that, some new plans are in the making: a little side hustle business McWilmanns. I am switching homes between London and Metzingen.

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