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There is a lot of wall art to buy, but wouldn`t it be special if you and people you know would actually be in the artwork? The magical sunset – but not with random people in the picture but you walking towards it… The pretty coffee shop scene – but not with two random models but with you and your friend as the stars! If you love stories as much as I do, you`ve come to the right place! What storyline are you dreaming of? What movie would you like to be starring in? I can recreate your dream story in pictures – ready to go on your wall! 

This will not only give you a pretty wall in your home but much more: Seeing it daily will remind you of the great opportunities that are ahead of you, your dreams, and your visions for your life. 

Psychology experts say that a so-called vision board will help us achieve our dreams. Visualizing the life we would like to lead makes these aspirations set roots in our unconsciousness and this will make us act accordingly. 

London looking back autumn
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