On Photography

On Photography

Photography makes moments stay with us and it can freeze time. Time is constantly on the move, and we often struggle to keep up. Yet we can help us to the illusion of making it slow down or stop for a moment while we take a picture.  

Photographer and author Chris Orwig had an accident as a young man and as a result, was in permanent pain. In his book ‘The creative fight’ he writes: “I discovered that the camera is a magical device. When I held it up to my eye the world became quiet and it blocked out my pain. (…) No longer focussing on myself, I saw the world with fresh eyes. What was once dismal became divine. The camera changed the way I experienced the world and shifted how I understood time.”

Make your world be still

When looking through the viewfinder of our camera our view becomes clearer and the overload of stuff that enters our mind is being filtered. Concentrating on what is in front of our camera we are still and quiet, and we really see what we see. Because we are focused entirely on the moment, time kind of stops.

The photographer can modify, brighten up, darken or dramatize the moment in the way he captures his picture. It is the photographers’ decision what is in the frame and what is not.  Is it going to be a picture full of optimism? Does it convey sadness or melancholy? Is it humorous? Does it entail a message for its viewer and if so what message would that be? What story does it tell?

Whatever happens, you can choose your perspective

on embracing Black and white photograph of girl with balloon
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