Your Story

What`s your story?

As a documentary photographer, I am always looking for interesting opportunities to make some photo art. 

If you like my style of picture taking, why not contact me!

The documentary could be about an ordinary day of yours, about an everyday event in your business, or something extraordinary, like the celebration of a new beginning.

Whatever it is: 

How about telling the story in pictures?

While important milestones in our lives like the first day at school, the first day of our dog coming to our home or our wedding are typical “photo events”, it`s the everyday, that will be of special interest to us 20 years down the road.  What did my good morning coffee and newspaper look like? How did it look when we took the kids to school or when we got ready for work? How about the local grocery store, the park round the corner, our coffee chat with friends, our evening routine? All these little fragments of your ordinary day make up your very own, unique, and special story. 

I have been photographing for newspapers and magazines – have a look at my portfolios. A few magazines with my photographs are on my Linkedin Profile

For an average shooting of approximately one hour, I`m charging 400 € or 370 £, and it`s 800 € or 740 £ to document a day. The edited pictures are included in the price.

And: If you are fine with me using the pictures for print and online projects – for example on this website, on Social Media, for contests, or in books, then you’ll get a 50 percent discount!

Anyway, I`m looking forward to hearing from you! 

Get in touch: nadine(at)nadinewilmanns(dot)com