What Editorial Story would you like to tell?

How does your personal story look like?

What Editorial Story would you like to tell?

How does your personal story look like?

I photograph documentaries and fashion photo stories for magazines and personal storytelling. 

Ich fotografiere Reportagen und Modefoto-Stories für Magazine und persönliche Foto-Erinnerungen.


“… All of those thousands upon thousands of photographs (…) Each one a record, a testament, a bulwark against forgetting, against nothingness, against death.  Look, this happened.  A thing happened, and now it will never un – happen.  Here it is in a photograph: a baby putting its tiny hand in the wrinkled palm of an octogenarian.  A fox running across a woodland path and a man raising a gun to shoot it.  A plane crash. (…)  All these things happened, and my father committed them to a memory that wasn’t just his own, but the world’s.  My father’s life wasn’t about disappearance.  His was a life that worked against it.” Helen Macdonald in ,,H is for Hawak”


camera without camera bag Nadine Wilmanns photography

Ditch that camera bag

WHY HAVING NO CAMERA BAG CAN IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. ...here`s where your camera is supposed to be: Hanging over your shoulder and ready to shoot. That means...

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sustainable Jeans Nadine Wilmanns fashion photography

Sustainable Jeans

A SHOPPING STRATEGY FOR BUYING SUSTAINABLE JEANS ON A BUDGET. One thing I really cannot stand is wearing jeans that don`t fit me well, or that aren`t...

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pictures and us


“I PRAISE YOU, FOR I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE...” I want to look at my picture saying: Yes that`s me with a beating heart that is...

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magazine press interview Nadine Wilmanns photography

Christof Sage

INTERVIEW WITH CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER CHRISTOF SAGE: "I have been working in a hundred different countries. That`s not that easy to achieve as a photographer. It worked, because...

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photographer Daniela Reske

Daniela Reske

INTERVIEW WITH PHOTOGRAPHER DANIELA RESKE: "You must not be a perfectionist when doing documentaries, otherwise you`ll end up unhappy. A picture has to communicate a strong story...

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X fashion storytelling Fashion and Lifestyle Photography Portfolio Nadine Wilmanns

Fashion Storytelling

WHY STORYTELLING IS THE HEART OF FASHION. These days, a lot is talked about the future of fashion and how fashion companies can survive. A few months...

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people networking


HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF OUR NETWORK. Having a strong network, we can make use of the brain, ideas and wisdom of many, not just our...

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changes ahaid fashion after corona hairstyle with scrunchie

Changes ahead

HOW WILL FASHION CHANGE AFTER THIS CRISIS? Fashion always used to react to crises and political changes. Because people long for change after a period of difficulties.

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how to not give up Nadine Wilmanns photography foot walking a step - courage and massive action

Courage and Massive Action

WHY WE NEED TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW. Conor McDonnell started out as a teenager wanting to get into concerts for free. After his first chance to...

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photography book joy in seeing fresh

Seeing fresh

HOW SEEING WITHOUT THINKING HELPS WITH OUR PHOTOGRAPHY. The concept is to capture the moment of “seeing fresh”.

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creative work leica analog photo camera

Creative work

HOW TO GET CREATIVE WORK DONE. One of the biggest traps for creatives is postponing: Either because of “waiting for inspiration” or because of perfectionism, saying “I`m...

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On Photography

On Photography

Photography makes moments stay with us and it can freeze time. Time is constantly on the move, and we often struggle to keep up. Yet we can help us to the illusion of making it slow down or stop for a moment while we take a picture.  

Photographer and author Chris Orwig had an accident as a young man and as a result, was in permanent pain. In his book ‘The creative fight’ he writes: “I discovered that the camera is a magical device. When I held it up to my eye the world became quiet and it blocked out my pain. (…) No longer focussing on myself, I saw the world with fresh eyes. What was once dismal became divine. The camera changed the way I experienced the world and shifted how I understood time.”

Make your world be still

When looking through the viewfinder of our camera our view becomes clearer and the overload of stuff that enters our mind is being filtered. Concentrating on what is in front of our camera we are still and quiet, and we really see what we see. Because we are focused entirely on the moment, time kind of stops.

The photographer can modify, brighten up, darken or dramatize the moment in the way he captures his picture. It is the photographers’ decision what is in the frame and what is not.  Is it going to be a picture full of optimism? Does it convey sadness or melancholy? Is it humorous? Does it entail a message for its viewer and if so what message would that be? What story does it tell?

Whatever happens, you can choose your perspective

on embracing Black and white photograph of girl with balloon


Get in touch!

I`m based in London/UK and Metzingen/Germany. If you`re interested in working with me, either in Germany, in the UK, or somewhere else in the world, please contact me: nadine[at]nadinewilmanns.com

Ich wohne in Metzingen/Süddeutschland und London/UK. Wenn du mit mir zusammenarbeiten möchtest, entweder in Deutschland, England oder sonst wo auf der Welt, melde dich am besten per E-Mail an nadine(at)nadinewilmanns.com