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Travel lightly

Here’s a story for everyone and especially for those who are moving house (or room), for those who feel that they don’t have enough space or too much stuff or for those who want more: There was a pilgrim staying overnight in some guys home. The pilgrim had a look about and asked the guy: …



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“…All of those thousands upon thousands of photographs (…) Each one a record, a testament, a bulwark against forgetting, against nothingness, against death. Look, this happened. A thing happened, and now it will never un happen. Here it is in a photograph: a baby putting its tiny hand in the wrinkled palm of an octogenarian. A fox running across a woodland path and a man raising a gun to shoot it. A plane crash. (…) All these things happened, and my father committed them to a memory that wasn’t just his own, but the world’s. My father’s life wasn’t about disappearance. His was a life that worked against it.” – Helen Macdonald in ,,H is for Hawk”




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