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Hey, I`m a business and lifestyle photographer based in London (UK) and Metzingen (Germany).

Here is what I do:

Ich helfe Unternehmen und Selbständigen dabei, 

aus Kunden loyale Fans zu machen –

mit Hilfe von Bildern, die durch Storytelling eine emotionale Verbindung schaffen. 

I help businesses and entrepreneurs to turn their clients into fans - by enabling an emotional connection through storytelling images.

Ich helfe Unternehmen

und Selbständigen dabei, 

Kunden zu loyalen Fans zu machen –

mit Hilfe von Bildern,

die durch Storytelling eine

emotionale Verbindung schaffen. 

I help businesses and entrepreneurs to turn their clients into fans - by enabling an emotional connection through storytelling images.

Für Privatkunden mache ich Wandkunst und Fotobücher: Hab einen unvergesslichen Fototag mit deinen Lieblingsmenschen und -tieren und hänge die schönsten Erinnerungen in dein zu Hause.

For private clients I do wallart and photobooks

Have an unforgettable photo day with your favourite people and pets - and have the most beautiful memories in your home.

If you wonder if I´m the right photographer for you...

business photographer London
"Nadine has been brilliant to work with throughout the process, from contacting me and answering my questions, to organising meeting, researching my illustration practice and of course, the photoshoot itself. I was blown away by how well she understood me and my artwork from her research, and we had fun with the photoshoot. She made me feel at ease, knew all the techniques and locations needed to for the best results, and made it feel nothing like work! I’m really pleased with the result and have received excellent feedback from contacts and friends. I highly recommend working with Nadine!"
Ellie draws interview
Ellie Smith
"Dear Nadine, thank you very much for the wonderful day with you. With your relaxed and very professional manner, you helped us to feel very comfortable in front of the camera! Thanks for the wonderful photos that were taken."
Verena Palermo
"A photographer with passion and heart. I've rarely felt so comfortable at a photo shoot. Keep it up!"
bar restaurant owner business portrait
Michael Mylonas
Bar Owner
"I`m absolutely blown away by the artristry of Nadine Wilmanns. Speechless..."
Allison Huff-Ritchie
Interior Design Blogger
"The shooting was great fun. Nadine is very professional and with her calm and uncomplicated manner, she creates a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for the great photos! I can only recommend it."
Stefanie Riehle
Dance Studio Manager


Photostories can capture our attention within the blink of an eye. Storytelling Photographs can make us feel hopeful and courageous. They can inspire us and make us dream of new chances and opportunities. Sometimes they make us laugh, or they may give us a sense of belonging and community. 

Photostories can spark big emotions. They are to stay – in our feeling, our hearts.

This is why they are invaluable for business storytelling.

Hey, I`m Nadine, and I specialize in storytelling photography.

Foto-Stories können unsere Aufmerksamkeit fesseln und unsere Herzen innerhalb von Sekunden erreichen. Erzählende Fotografien können Hoffnung machen und können Mutmacher sein. Sie lassen uns von neuen Möglichkeiten träumen. Manchmal bringen sie uns zum Lachen und geben uns ein Gefühl von Zugehörigkeit und Gemeinschaft. 

Fotostories können große Gefühle auslösen.  Fotografien bleiben – in unserem Gefühl und unseren Herzen.

Deshalb sind sie unersetzlich für Business Storytelling.

Hey, ich heiße Nadine und habe mich auf erzählende Fotografie spezialisiert.


We feel an immediate connection when we see pictures that tell stories, trigger our emotions, and speak to us, make us dream and hope. Photo Stories are the fastest way with the most long-lasting effect to create a lifetime connection with your clients. 

Wir fühlen uns sofort verbunden, wenn wir Bilder sehen, die Geschichten erzählen und die uns gefühlsmäßig ansprechen. Sie wecken unsere Hoffnungen und Träume.  Bilder sind der schnelleste und nachhaltigste Weg, eine echte Verbindung zu deinen Kunden und denen die es werden sollen, aufzubauen. 

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Get in touch!

I`m based in London/UK and Metzingen near Stuttgart/Germany.

If you`re interested in working with me, either in Germany, in the UK, or somewhere else in the world, please contact me: nadine[at] | phone UK: 0044 7414  788 023 | phone Germany: 0049 177 30 62 081

Ich wohne in Metzingen bei Stuttgart/Süddeutschland und in London/UK.

Wenn du mit mir zusammenarbeiten möchtest, entweder in Deutschland, England oder sonst wo auf der Welt, nimm gern Kontakt auf: nadine(at) | 0049 177 30 62 081

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