Light and shadow portrait of girl

Niche down

WHY IT PAYS OFF TO NICHE DOWN YOUR BUSINESS. When it comes to doing any form of art as a profession finding a niche is pretty much...

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Business and Emotion

HOW EMOTIONAL STORYTELLING CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS. Did you know that clients who feel emotionally connected with a brand spend on average twice as much annually with...

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London Moment

•°☆• “If someone would have told the 18 year old me that I would cycle through London with flowers hanging over my handlebars … “, Jane said...

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Ellie draws interview

Ellie draws

INTERVIEW WITH ILLUSTRATOR ELLIE SMITH. When I first saw Ellie Smiths drawings on Instagram, it made me want to pick up a pen to draw something myself...

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fashion mie shop owner Marina Rajkovic

Fashion MIE

INTERVIEW WITH FASHION MIE - OWNER MARINA RAJKOVIC. Fashion MIE is the name of the small boutique of Marina Rajkovic in Reutlingen/Germany. She is selling sustainable fashion...

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kids jumping celebrate


•°☆• ᶜᴱᴸᴱᴮᴿᴬᵀᴱ •°Celebrations are a great opportunity to have your personal photo story created: a photo book about you and your guests of the day – or...

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