feel more coffee table by Nadine Wilmanns photography

Feel more to see more

HOW FEELING MORE HELPS YOU SEE MORE. Do you wonder how to slow down time? Or how to get more out of the moments that just keep...

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Herzstärkend fotografiert von Nadine Wilmanns


INTERVIEW WITH THE GIRLS OF "HERZSTÄRKEND": "Everyone threw in ideas, and all of a sudden there was so much manpower! Within half a year, „herzstärkend“ basically exploded!"

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Scrunchie hair Style photographed by Nadine Wilmanns


HOW TO DRESS IN YOUR STYLE. I`ve never really thought about what style or “finding your style” really means. In the German dictionary, style is described as...

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highlights magazine article by Nadine Wilmanns

Picture your Highlights

Give it a try and make a "pictures of summer" album. The major surprise will come later: Looking back after let`s say a few months and going...

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Downtime hands on knee photographed by Nadine Wilmanns


APPOINTMENTS FOR OUR DOWNTIME are just as important as those for our Should-Do`s. If not even more important. After all, no one will regret having not hoovered...

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Appointments for the Should Do`s - do all things with love photogaphed by Nadine Wilmanns


APPOINTMENTS FOR THE "SHOULD DO`S". Do you have a lot of „Should Do´s” in your head? I have, and I need to get rid of them...

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Story of Pink

STORY OF PINK. "It wasn`t until I looked at the litter on the ground when I noticed all the pink petals everywhere. "

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fashion designer Johanna Riplinger by Nadine Wilmanns photography

Johanna Riplinger

INTERVIEW WITH FASHION DESIGNER JOHANNA RIPLINGER: "I really do almost everything from a place of intrinsic motivation. It takes courage to do what feels right for me."

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Vision Nadine Wilmanns photography


HOW A CLEAR VISION CAN HELP US in OUR CREATIVE CAREER - AND LIFE. When making decisions or planning, ask: Does this serve my purpose? This way...

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camera without camera bag Nadine Wilmanns photography

Ditch that camera bag

WHY HAVING NO CAMERA BAG CAN IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. ...here`s where your camera is supposed to be: Hanging over your shoulder and ready to shoot. That means...

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sustainable Jeans Nadine Wilmanns fashion photography

Sustainable Jeans

A SHOPPING STRATEGY FOR BUYING SUSTAINABLE JEANS ON A BUDGET. One thing I really cannot stand is wearing jeans that don`t fit me well, or that aren`t...

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