looking at photographs Nadine Wilmanns photography

Looking at photographs

STUFF WE LEARN FROM TIME. Do you sometimes wish you could turn back time? Me: yes - but only if I knew then what I know today.

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Nevertheless - sign saying one fine day


NEVERTHELESS. When life gets crazy, intentionally take time to document the present as it is. Snap – breathe - feel the feet on the ground – pray...

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Sky intentions


ABOUT INTENTIONAL PLANNING. A plan and a clear intention is very important for a photoshoot and it can be very helpful in everyday life, too.

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Christine Eggert Chocosecret Instagram Influencer photographed by Nadine Wilmanns


ABOUT THE SECRETS WE KEEP. Christine Eggert is an Instagram Influencer and for years she had kept a secret. Letting it go was not just helpful for...

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Lookig back autumn in London

Looking back…

IN HINDSIGHT When looking at old photographs, I have been noticing that times often appear nicer as they felt when I was passing them.

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Postcard with Coffee in London

Postcards in London

ABOUT THE STORIES WE TELL. For my new photo project „A day in your life” I have had postcards printed and have started placing them in shops...

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See this day smiling girl photographed by Nadine Wilmanns

See this day

THE CAMERA AS A TOOL TO SEE NOW. One of the most important reasons why I came up with the “A day in your life” project is,...

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day in life

Day in your life

DOCUMENT YOUR "FULL EXPERIENCE OF LIFE". Whatever happens (or whatever doesn`t happen), there`ll always be opportunities for pictures. However eventless or mundane our day may be, we...

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dog sniffing autumn air


ABOUT THE SPECIAL FEELING AT THE START OF AUTUMN. “April has never meant much to me, autumn seems to be that season of beginning, of spring.” –...

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abstract of two cars by Nadine Wilmanns

Not for everyone

WHY YOU SHOULDN`T PLEASE EVERYONE. “Don`t be a purple drop in the ocean but be a purple drop in a swimming pool."-Seth Godin

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Begin Mirror Selfie Fashion memories t-Shirt Darling in mirror


MOST IMPORTANT LESSON I LEARNED IN PHOTOGRAPHY FROM DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER PAUL TAGGART. Don`t wait for extraordinary things like a holiday to happen in order to take out...

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