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“I PRAISE YOU, FOR I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE...” I want to look at my picture saying: Yes that`s me with a beating heart that is...

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magazine press interview Nadine Wilmanns photography

Christof Sage

INTERVIEW WITH CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER CHRISTOF SAGE: "I have been working in a hundred different countries. That`s not that easy to achieve as a photographer. It worked, because...

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photographer Daniela Reske

Daniela Reske

INTERVIEW WITH PHOTOGRAPHER DANIELA RESKE: "You must not be a perfectionist when doing documentaries, otherwise you`ll end up unhappy. A picture has to communicate a strong story...

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X fashion storytelling Fashion and Lifestyle Photography Portfolio Nadine Wilmanns

Fashion Storytelling

WHY STORYTELLING IS THE HEART OF FASHION. These days, a lot is talked about the future of fashion and how fashion companies can survive. A few months...

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people networking


HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF OUR NETWORK. Having a strong network, we can make use of the brain, ideas and wisdom of many, not just our...

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changes ahaid fashion after corona hairstyle with scrunchie

Changes ahead

HOW WILL FASHION CHANGE AFTER THIS CRISIS? Fashion always used to react to crises and political changes. Because people long for change after a period of difficulties.

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how to not give up Nadine Wilmanns photography foot walking a step - courage and massive action

Courage and Massive Action

WHY WE NEED TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW. Conor McDonnell started out as a teenager wanting to get into concerts for free. After his first chance to...

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photography book joy in seeing fresh

Seeing fresh

HOW SEEING WITHOUT THINKING HELPS WITH OUR PHOTOGRAPHY. The concept is to capture the moment of “seeing fresh”.

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creative work leica analog photo camera

Creative work

HOW TO GET CREATIVE WORK DONE. One of the biggest traps for creatives is postponing: Either because of “waiting for inspiration” or because of perfectionism, saying “I`m...

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self-assignments coffeeshop table Trust the next step

Trust the next step

WHY THE VERY NEXT STEP COUNTS. Often, I think: "Man, why don`t I seem to be able to think of a smart plan for my career?" However,...

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